Helping Country Churches Thrive

At Village Missions, we believe that the church is central to keeping a Gospel presence in rural Canada, impacting Christians and unbelievers alike.


Preach the Word. Love the People.

We exist to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America. Our aim is to provide a Christ-centered community church program capable of involving the entire population of a local community with worship services, personal contacts in homes, Sunday schools, home and group Bible studies, special youth and adult activities, Vacation Bible Schools, and other activities.

In order to accomplish this, we place spiritually qualified missionary-pastors in churches at the invitation of local rural communities. These missionary-pastors serve in a full-time capacity. We support the leadership through prayer as well as financial and other logistical assistance.

Join Us in Ministry!

It takes a special dedication to answer the call to pastor a rural church, but the blessings that come are life-changing. A Village Missionary Pastor is able to develop meaningful one-on-one relationships within the church and community. On any given day, he may help a neighbor with farm chores, work on a broken-down car, spend the day on a fishing boat, or listen as someone shares what’s on his heart. This relational ministry allows the rural pastor to display the love of Jesus Christ.
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3 Ways to Get Involved


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Donors like you allow us to send and support Village Missionaries in rural communities that otherwise would not be able to afford a full-time pastor.


We currently have 3 churches waiting for a Village Missionary Pastor. If God is calling you into full-time ministry, have you considered rural ministry?

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