Alex & Melanie Pompu, Maidstone, SK

This story is courtesy of a friend of ours who works as a jail guard about an hour and a half from Maidstone. She was listening to a sermon that I had uploaded to YouTube and unknown to her, the inmates were listening in. As she was listening, one of the inmates asked her for a Bible.  They then talked about owning up to their crimes, leaving the gang they are in, and turning their lives around. For these inmates to be talking like this and talking of burning off their gang tattoos is awesome.  Pray for these three, that their lives from now on would glorify God.

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Andy & Staci Hall, Ridgway, MT

This is ranch country in southeast Montana. It’s definitely rural! Pray for this missionary family and church as they study, teach and share God’s Word.

Mark & Deborah Lugg, Bowman, CA

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