Tom & Sandy Morris, Eddyville, OR

Tom was called to an accident scene just around the corner.  A truck with 5 people overturned in the river.  Tom went to help as a newly graduated EMR. He soon realized that a death had occurred, and his roll changed to Chaplain.  One of the men in the crash hollered his name in a desperate plea for comfort as his 10 year old son had passed away.  They had just started coming to church right before the Covid-19 pandemic.  Tom soon realized that the man driving was also a church member who had passed. Although he did the death notifications, his Chaplain hat left, and his pastor hat went on as we minister to the two families that lost love ones. Sadly, a few days later, the father also passed away.  This is the very reason he became a Chaplain and an EMR – so he can help the people in our community.

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