Jake & Kathryn Leichliter, Mayer, AZ

The FCA baseball camp went really well.  Combined between the 2 days, including both campers and their parents that stayed to watch, we had about 100 people.  Some good baseball drills were taught and the gospel was clearly preached!  Gospel tracts were handed out along with invitations to church, and all the Bibles we had were handed out!  Parents were extremely happy with the camp (even those who didn’t know it was a Christian camp.)

We had some great conversations with parents that stayed to watch their kids.  I even heard of a camper that was in tears at the end because it was over and he didn’t want it to end.  It felt so good to have a great outreach after being cooped up with COVID.  The local Chick Fil A donated a total of 130 orders of nuggets and 20 sandwiches for the camp.

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