James & Meredith Knoop, Manning, ND

Manning Community Church is the only VM church in North Dakota. Manning is a rural area with many farmers and ranchers. Others come to work on the oil field – many for just a short while before they move elsewhere. The area consists mostly of fields and small towns, but we are also right next to the breathtaking Badlands.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray that the Spirit would open the eyes of the spiritually blind. Pray for those who rejoiced when they heard the Word but had no root when tribulation came. Pray for those who are being choked by the cares of this world. Pray for those who hear the Word and are bearing fruit. Pray that this local body of Christ would be a unified lighthouse in a dark world. Pray for God to be glorified through our services, studies, ministries, marriages, families, jobs, and hobbies.

(Manning Community Church, 301 Wilcox St, Manning, ND 58642 (701)573-4562)

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