Doug & LeAnne Clark, Nisland, SD

We are located in the western part of the state, in rolling prairies that make up the prime farming and ranching country in the northern shadow of the Black Hills. With agriculture still making up the lion’s share of our economy, there is a growing manufacturing segment, and of course the ever-present and increasing tourism factor that draws folks to our area from every corner of the globe – Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and Deadwood are a few of our attractions.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Our church is growing, and we covet your prayers for the inevitable growing pains that accompany change. We sense the Spirit of God moving in our midst, stirring the hearts of His people to draw near in humility and repentance, then to move out by faith to reach our communities. Please pray for a harvest of souls and spiritual growth. Pray for men, women, and families that are joining our fellowship to be discipled, and to find their place of service and commitment as they put shoulders to the plow in the harvest fields that are ripe and awaiting laborers. We are trusting God for great things in 2021 and beyond, for the glory of God!

(Nisland Independent Community Church, 402 Olin, Nisland, SD 57762, 605.257.2356)

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Executive Director of VM Canada, Guy & Geni Shields:

We rejoice in the Lord’s goodness to bless us with a wonderful Canadian Staff Conference.

Nick & Sarah Picklesimer, Coram, MT

For a small rural church, a new parsonage is a big deal…and an opportunity to see God provide in miraculous ways!!