We ❤ VM Annual Campaign's goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of December. You can play a vital role in proclaiming the gospel in the forgotten places of rural Canada.

Mace & Kortney Wilder, West Paris, ME

I received a call from a homeless man, temporarily blind, whose kids were in a shelter about an hour from us. I have since been in contact with him often, and I help him as needed. He regained his sight and is back with his kids. We have had many good conversations, and he stated that he believes in the Bible but doesn’t know it well. He is eager to sit down with me and learn more about the Bible, and I am excited to share with him the amazing gospel that fills its pages!

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Steven & Lisa Rief, Redland, OR

Early one morning a stranger knocked on our door. Steve opened the door to find a homeless man carrying a large backpack containing all his belongings. He was stranded after a falling out with friends and was trying to find his way home. He gratefully accepted Steve’s offer of a ride. On the way, Steve …

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Fred & Cindy Stromberg, Azalea, OR

Azalea is an unincorporated community of roughly 800 people in Southern Oregon. The economy has been fueled by forest products. More recently, hemp and cannabis farming have become significant. The landscape is marked with timber units at different stages of recovery and greenhouses along with some cattle, deer, and elk. Azalea has a fire department, general …

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