We ❤ VM Annual Campaign's goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of December. You can play a vital role in proclaiming the gospel in the forgotten places of rural Canada.

Phil & Valorie Rownd, Stanley, IA

Stanley is a shrinking town of 100 people, located in northeast Iowa. We are surrounded by soybeans and field corn. Though the town does have two small businesses, Stanley Union Church is the primary place for neighbors to get together. Our local landmark is Stanley, the 30-foot Tall Tin Man.


  1. Pray that God will shepherd the hearts of our teenage children towards Himself. Ask that He will grant them the wisdom to love and treasure Christ above all the fleeting and deceptive attractions of this world.
  2. Please pray for our youth leaders as they minister to many unchurched kids. Pray for opportunities to reach their parents with the Gospel and bring young families into the local church. Our neighbors need Jesus, and our aging congregation is eager to see the next generation step up!
  3. Please pray for safety for the farmers this fall as they harvest what’s left of their crops. Many lost large amounts of corn due to a violent, windy storm. Pray that we will find ways to encourage the farmers as they work in the fields.
Stanley Union Church, 126 N. Winslow, Stanley, IA 50671          (319) 634-3757

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