Steven & Catherine Knorr, Double Adobe, AZ

The community of Double Adobe is at the southern end of the Sulphur Springs Valley, about 10 miles from the international border with Mexico. The roots of the community go back to cattle and mining, although the nearby mine closed some years ago. Many of the current residents moved here to retire or in search of a lower cost of living.


  1. Pray that we would be able to revive our children’s ministry (which has been on hold for over a year).
  2. Pray for effectiveness as we continue to expand our outreach into the community. We are seeking ways to reach out to members of the community who are living off the grid.
  3. Pray for health for our family.

Valley Bible Church, 4188 W Double Adobe Rd, McNeal, AZ  85617    tel. (520) 221-7592

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