Rob & Pam Yerks, Watersmeet, MI

The town of Watersmeet is at the western end of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Three rivers meet here: the Ontonagon River, flowing north into Lake Superior; the Wisconsin River, flowing south into the Mississippi River; and the Paint River, flowing east into Lake Michigan. Watersmeet is located in the Ottawa National Forest and is the gateway to the scenic Sylvania Wilderness. We live in a land of wood, water, and winter.


  1. Pray that the Lord would bring young families into the church. We deeply desire to hear children’s laughter in church on a Sunday morning and see young men and women eager to grow in the Lord.
  2. Pray that the Lord would bless us with wisdom and guidance to reach out into the community and show people the light of Christ with our limited volunteers and resources.
  3. Pray that we would be good, faithful, and steady servants of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Watersmeet Bible Church, E23640 US Hwy 2, Watersmeet, MI 49969. (906) 358-4744

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