Gary & Brenda Bennett, Red Cloud, NE

We are located in south-central Nebraska, 6 miles from the Kansas/Nebraska border. Red Cloud is a community of 1,000 people. The main occupations are farming/ranching or working for the Willa Cather foundation. The church has been serving Red Cloud since 1874 and partnered with Village Missions in 2003.


  • Pray for our youth ministries. Pray that kids will come to our Patchwork program (K-6 grade) and for our youth group to continue to grow in number and spiritual maturity.
  • Pray that our church family would have the wisdom and willingness to reach out to our community.
  • Pray for spiritual growth in our own lives as well as in the lives of our congregation.

Red Cloud Bible Church, 630 N Cedar St, Red Cloud, NE 68970. (402) 746-2480

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