Ken & Jennifer Hatridge, Springfield, ME

Springfield, Maine (population 300) is located in the Lakes Region of east-central Maine. The primary industry of the area is logging. Outdoor recreation is a big attraction; people visit year-round to hike, bike, swim, ATV, snowmobile, and enjoy the rural beauty of Maine. We look forward to celebrating the church’s 50th anniversary in 2023 and are proud to have partnered with Village Missions since our church began.


  1. Please pray for our ministry with Bella’s house, a local rehab center. We hold a weekly Bible study there, and the residents are allowed to come to our Sunday services. This ministry has already borne fruit, and we would like to see it continue. Read more about it here.
  2. Please pray for the upcoming holiday season and how we might minister to our community well.
  3. Please pray for our family; our youngest two children will graduate from high school and are seeking their next steps in life.

Springfield Community Chapel, 62 Park St., Springfield, ME 04487. (207) 738-5021

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