Daryl & Kim Paris, Clinton, OH

Valley Community Church is in northeast Ohio, about an hour south of Cleveland. The parsonage is a few miles from the church, in the city of Barberton, a suburb of Akron. Our church is on a dividing line on the outskirts of the city; just beyond the church is rural farmland, so we see a very diverse group of people.


  1. Please pray that our church will grow spiritually and in unity as we center on our faithful Lord and his Word.
  2. Pray that the Lord draws people to our fellowship so we can minister to them, teach them God’s Truth, and show them the love of Christ.
  3. Pray that the Lord gives us wisdom, guidance, and direction in our outreach efforts for His glory.
Valley Community Church, PO Box 1213, Norton, OH 44203. (330) 825-7070

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Executive Director of VM Canada, Guy & Geni Shields:

We rejoice in the Lord’s goodness to bless us with a wonderful Canadian Staff Conference.

Nick & Sarah Picklesimer, Coram, MT

For a small rural church, a new parsonage is a big deal…and an opportunity to see God provide in miraculous ways!!