Paul & Lauren McIlroy, Horse Creek, CA

Horse Creek is in an isolated stretch along the Klamath River, with the nearest towns a 45-minute drive up or down river. As the only church for miles, we have a unique opportunity to represent Christ in the community. Our very visible location provides opportunities to interact with “drop-ins”—people who come looking for gas, Wi-Fi access, directions, or a phone. Even the local police have “borrowed” our phone occasionally.


  1. Pray the Lord will open doors of ministry to those who come to the church’s give-away bench looking for food or to the church with hungry spirits.
  2. Last year the McKinney Fire burned our neighboring community; pray for opportunities to reach out to the displaced families.
  3. The Lord is at work in the lives of our church members; pray that they will continue to build “iron sharpening iron” relationships that glorify God.
  4. A family new to our church is building a youth ministry a mile downriver. Pray for this ministry as it gets started.
  5. Pray for our VBS in July. Pray for the Gospel to go forth with power. Pray especially for transformed lives!

Horse Creek Community Church, 28836 State Highway 96, Horse Creek, CA 96050. (530) 496-3472

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