Tom & Sandy Morris, Eddyville, OR

Eddyville Community Church sits in the Central Coastal Mountain Range in Oregon. The main road (Hwy 20) bypasses the town, so Eddyville is small and quiet. It has three service-oriented businesses: a post office, Eddyville Charter School (200 students K-12), and Eddyville Community Church. Some loggers and ranchers still make a living off the land here, but the town has become more of a bedroom community for people who work in nearby cities. The church is next to the school, and we have opportunities to interact with the families. Sandy is a substitute teacher, and I coach junior high football. I’m also a volunteer EMR and chaplain for the local fire department.


  1. Our congregation is on the older side. Please pray for more young families to come to church.
  2. Pray that we can be a light to the community.

Eddyville Community Church, PO Box 65, Eddyville, OR 97343. (541) 875-4946

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