Jordan & Ashley Wilson, Wynndel, BC

Wynndel is about 11 kilometers north of Creston, along BC Highway 3A. The community is made up of small acreages nestled in the mountains and spread into the Creston Valley below. It is a place offering many outdoor opportunities and rich agriculture.


  1. Pray that the people attending our church’s Bible study would grow spiritually and strengthen their faith.
  2. Pray for our twice-monthly family nights to encourage and reach families in the community.
  3. Pray for our outreach to struggling people in the Creston Valley. Pray that we can minister well to these families who receive food boxes.
  4. Pray as we participate in a Light Show night with other churches, where we put up Christmas decorations and lights to display Christ as the reason for Christmas.

Wynndel Community Church, 5113 Wynndel Rd, Wynndel, BC V0B 2N2, CANADA

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