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Serving Churches

Across rural Canada, churches are waiting, wondering, and worrying about their future. Many are seeking a pastor to come and be their spiritual leader. Rural churches are closing their doors every day because they lack leadership. People are asking, "Will we have a pastor?"


Restoring Hope

Many small communities are losing hope as the family farm gradually drifts into memory. Income levels are stagnant, drug and alcohol abuse is increasing, and families are struggling to see a future with even a hint of optimism.

Strengthening Values

Rural Canada is known as the place from which good, basic, and spiritual values originate that make our country strong. It is those values we desperately need to remain vibrant as we move into the 21st century.

We must ask, "Who will help make sure these values remain to be a positive influence in our society?"


Village Missions has a heart to send missionary pastors to rural America.

Village Missionaries have opportunities many other pastors never experience. You get to integrate yourself into both your church and the entire community in a unique way.

3 Ways to Get Involved


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Donors like you allow us to send and support Village Missionaries in rural communities that otherwise would not be able to afford a full-time pastor.


We currently have 21 churches waiting for a Village Missionary Pastor. If God is calling you into full-time ministry, have you considered rural ministry?

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