Village Missions

Small Town Pastor

Do you feel called to serve a small town?

Are you passionate about bringing the gospel to forgotten places?

Do you enjoy gathering at the local café, cheering in the stands at the school basketball game, or volunteering at the fire department?

You could have what it takes to be a Village Missionary!

small town pastor meets with community member
small town pastor chats with young couple

Know the People

A small-town pastor with Village Missions has the amazing opportunity to impact their community for Christ in numerable ways. Your outreach extends to the church – through preaching and serving your congregation – and to the local townsfolk as you strive to become one of them.

As a small-town pastor, you wear many hats. In the morning, you drive the school bus for the local school. An hour later, you visit the local café to grab breakfast with the regulars. Later that afternoon, you help your neighbor repair their fence. And as evening closes, you finish your meeting at the fire department.

And that’s just one day!

The life of a small-town pastor can be busy at times. But as you build trust and relationships with people, your opportunities to share the gospel will grow.

Love the Town

Small-town folk are proud of their community. Many families have roots that extend generations into the past. So you can see that newcomers may not be easily accepted too quickly. You have to earn the right to be heard.

Earning the trust of small-town people can take years. That’s why becoming an active town member and showing that you care about this community is crucial to building credibility. But as you spend more time getting to know your neighbours, learning the culture, and loving the people, the Lord will open opportunities for you to share the hope of Christ.

A rural community served by a Village Missions small town pastor
The small towns Village Missions serves are generally less than 2,000 people.

Examples of Small Town Opportunities

While many come to know Christ in church, Village Missionaries often find their most successful witnessing around a dinner table, at the local café or in the barn. Those who serve with Village Missions are excited to invest in the lives of rural and small town people, meeting them where they live.

Could God be calling you to small town ministry?

Use the form below to begin the process of becoming a Village Missionary pastor or intern!

  • The Village Missionary candidate must be able to show legal authorization to work in the US or Canada. It is not our practice to assist in the process of immigration.

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