Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Village Missions is committed to provide salary support to pastors who are serving in churches which cannot afford a full time pastor. Village Missions commits to providing the remainder of the base salary that local churches are unable to provide. Each local church provides housing and utilities and as much salary as possible. Missionary/pastors then raise the remainder of their support through deputation.

Financial support

We Need Financial Support

All contributors’ gifts will be used to fund the work and ministry of Village Missions of Canada in accordance with its policies. At the discretion of Village Missions of Canada, designated gifts will be used where most needed when funding exceeds objectives or when the project/program cannot be carried out.

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Prayer support

Prayer Support is Crucial

Without prayer support, money alone cannot bring the gospel to all the corners of the world. From its earliest beginnings, Village Missions has been committed to prayer. The International Service Centre in Dallas, Oregon, regularly prays for all the missionary couples in both United States and Canada.

The District Representatives and the Executive Director also pray faithfully for the missionaries. Many individuals have committed to praying for the ongoing ministry of Village Missions. You can be a part of our prayer team by signing up to receive Country Prayer Matters, a weekly email containing Village Missions’ prayer requests.

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Your Donations Count!

Village Missions and our Village Missionaries depend on financial donations from individuals like YOU! Through your donations Village Missions is able to invest in sending out Village Missionaries to proclaim the Good News and ensure that the Gospel is not lost. Your partnership is vital to the success of Village Missions.

The Village Missionaries that you see below are dedicated to “Preaching the Word and loving the people.” They are called and committed to serving rural churches across Canada. Please consider partnering with one of our faithful Village Missionaries.

Village Missions requires incoming missionaries to raise a minimum monthly amount. Additional support may be required beyond the minimum level, depending upon circumstances. The first $300 will be retained by the Mission for the Operational Service Fee. The Board of Village Missions has established policy for maintaining the $300 Operational Service Fee obligation.

Why Support Us

  • Donations to individual missionaries help families in ministry.
  • Support to Village Missions keeps country churches alive!
  • Even small donations go a long way to sharing the Gospel.