About Us

Helping Country Churches Thrive

Something is happening in North America. Small country churches struggle to pay their bills, to find pastors, to keep the doors open. Each year, hundreds of churches close their doors.

Sure, some of the people who attended those closed churches can drive to another church. But what about the people in that community who do not know Christ? Where will they turn in times of crisis? How will they hear of the love of Jesus Christ?


Committed to Rural Communities

Village Missions is committed to helping country churches not only survive, but thrive. Since 1968, we have been helping country churches thrive all across Canada.

We place pastors in rural churches and help those churches get back on their feet. We care about the country church and are working to keep the church a vibrant and vital presence in more than 30 rural communities throughout Canada. We're here when crisis hits, when the community is searching for somewhere to turn for answers.

Church & The Gospel

We believe that the church is central to keeping a Gospel presence in rural Canada, impacting Christians and unbelievers alike. We exist to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America and to help country churches thrive.

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Reaching the Whole Community

The goal of Village MissionsĀ is to provide a Christ-centered community church program capable of involving the entire population of a local community with worship services, personal contacts in homes, Sunday schools, home and group Bible studies, special youth and adult activities, Vacation Bible Schools, and other activities.

Missionary Pastors

In order to accomplish this, Village Missions places spiritually qualified missionary-pastors in churches at the invitation of local rural communities. These missionary-pastors serve in a full-time capacity, preaching the Word and loving the people. We support the leadership through prayer as well as financial and other logistical assistance.