Partnering Together

Do you have a heart for rural North America?

Do you have a desire to see country churches thrive?

Are you willing to join the "Partnering Together" Team?

That's what Village Missions is all about!

Executive Director Murray Graham

Two farmers shake hands in partnership while another man looks on.

Will you partner with us?

“Partnering Together” is an initiative to build a faithful team of ministry partners who have committed to regular monthly giving. That could look like $10/month or $200/month or anywhere in between, depending on how God has enabled you and what He is calling you to do.

Your monthly donation will not only provide us with a reliable source of funding but also allow us to be visionary and plan ahead to ensure the stability of Village Missions. Your monthly partnership helps to do so much more than keep church doors open -- it will help develop spiritually thriving churches in rural Canada!

If Village Missions had 200 partners giving $55 a month, you would help create financial stability in meeting current operating needs so we can continue to have a far-reaching impact in the communities we serve. Will you join our team of monthly partners?

Village Missions values and appreciates the support of all our ministry partners who give throughout the year. Thank you for your generous giving!

Your partnership:

  • provides salary support to place full-time missionary pastors in rural churches and allows us to open new fields
  • ensures the Gospel witness is not lost in rural communities
  • helps us steadily develop the quality of our programs, such as the vital ministry our District Representatives do in training, supporting, and encouraging Village Missionaries and church leaders

By "Partnering Together" as a team, we can reach rural Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for being a part of this vital team!

Jonathan, who was instrumental in helping Jordan pastor a rural church, fishes with Jordan.

Leaving a Legacy of Partnering Together

Have you ever stopped to think about the eternal impact you could have on reaching rural Canada with the gospel.  Several ministry partners have included Village Missions of Canada in their estate.  These gifts have changed lives for all eternity.