Pastoral Internship

Our 12-month ministry preparation internship exists to prepare you for full-time rural ministry in North America.

What You'll Learn

Through the year, you will live and serve in a small town or rural location, receiving the chance to both observe and learn from the local pastor, as well as serve through teaching, preaching and many other duties. The 12-month internship will teach you:

  1. The inner workings of a country church
  2. How to build strong relationships through visitations
  3. The work of a Village Missions couple
  4. How to overcome ministry challenges
  5. Effective public speaking

What You'll Experience

Throughout the year, you will experience five key things:

  1. A strong, lasting relationship with the local pastor.
  2. Intentional discipleship throughout the internship.
  3. Motivation to grow in your personal walk with the Lord
  4. Hands-on, practical ministry opportunities in many facets of rural pastoral ministry.
  5. The rural and/or small town lifestyle


If you feel called to be full time Village Missionaries, yet lack the skills you need to shepherd a church effectively, this internship is for you. Through this year long internship a veteran missionary will coach and shepherd you to serve a country church effectively.

Also, you should have a deep commitment to the Word of God, a love for teaching and a willingness to learn. A four-year Bible degree is preferred, although equivalent experience is accepted on a case-by-case basis. Your immediate family (spouse & children) must also be willing to relocate for the year.



You will be required to raise a minimum amount of support but will also receive a competitive base salary and full health benefits for yourself and family members.

Experience Rural Ministry

A Village Missionary faces many challenges each day while serving rural congregations and communities. As a Village Missionary intern, you will see what it is like to be called upon at a moment’s notice. You may conduct a funeral, visit community members in the hospital or help a neighbor with farm chores.

In the same day, you might prepare for a sermon or spend the day on a fishing boat, listening as someone shares what’s on his heart. You may visit people in jails, visit church members in their homes or open your home to them.

Is God calling you to serve in rural places?

An internship is a great way to find out! Fill out the form below, and we'll be in contact to help you get started down the road to becoming an intern.

  • The Village Missionary candidate must be able to show legal authorization to work in the US or Canada. It is not our practice to assist in the process of immigration.

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