Rev. Brian Wechsler Assumes Leadership

The National Board of United States and Canada selected Rev. Brian Wechsler, as the new Executive Direct of Village Missions and he began his duties in November 2000. He and his wife Carole had been Village Missionaries since 1983, serving first in Iowa and then in Colorado.

Rev. Wechsler outlined a strategy of advance for Village Missions termed “F.I.R.E.”:

  • (F) Finding New Fields
  • (I) Investing in Individuals and Communities
  • (R) Recruiting New Missionaries with a Passion to Preach the Word and Love the People
  • (E) Equipping Missionaries and Churches to Reach Their Communities for Christ

Village Missions must advance in each area to continue its mission of revitalizing small churches and reaching communities for Christ. We must find new areas where a need exists to proclaim the Gospel and the local church is unable to secure pastoral leadership. We must invest in individuals and communities we are trying to reach with the Gospel through salary, logistical, and administrative support for Village Missionaries. We must actively recruit dedicated couples and single missionaries who God has called to our critical ministry. We must equip our Village Missionaries and the churches they serve with the tools to enable them to become effective, Biblically based churches.