Reverend Duff chats with 3 young men.

Reverend Duff Becomes Full-Time Director of Village Missions

Through the vision of Helen Baugh, Mary Clark, and Rev. Walter Duff, Jr., and dependence upon God, a ministry uniquely suited to the needs of rural and small communities was developed. Couples were sought who were committed to both an evangelistic and pastoral ministry in rural communities. Some minimal salary support was provided so that the couples could minister full-time in their community. In the early years, the ministry was almost entirely financed as the project of Stonecroft Ministries. The first year the three couples who were friends of Mary Clark were sent out to rural America.
When the news began to spread of a missionary society proposing to send out pastors to closed and weak churches, Village Missions began receiving scores of letters asking for help securing a pastor for their church. By 1953, the responsibilities were increasing as more couples were placed, so Rev. Duff left his pastorate to give his full time and effort to the ministry of Village Missions. Rev. Walter Duff, Sr., challenged his son to “send out 100 missionary pastors to rural North America.” Rev. Duff Jr. was able to send out over 600 rural missionaries in his lifetime.