Grindrod, BC

Grindrod is a quiet farming community located in a beautiful valley, enclosed on two sides by forested mountains. There is a lack of employment opportunities in the community, so those who do work usually have to commute. The mild climate here makes it attractive to retirees who like the “country.” The village itself is home to a couple hundred people, with another thousand in the surrounding area. The gathering places consist of a feed mill, saddle shop, corner store, community hall, elementary school, post office, pub, and our church. Our church building was erected in 1918. We have a regular attendance of about 45 people (mostly retired). During this past year we have had a couple of new folks who have been coming out, which has brought joy and encouragement to our congregation. Our regular ministries include a small but active youth group, a kids’ club in the local school, seniors’ home visitation, prayer meeting, and midweek Bible studies. Please pray that the Lord would energize and use us to share Christ’s love and the message of His Gospel with more people of all ages in this community. Please pray that our Heavenly Father would strengthen and encourage Jane and me in this good work to which He has called us. Thanks so much for praying.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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This village in Maine is known for its beautiful mountains and scenery, but many people there do not know the One who created it all.

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The church was freezing…but people came to worship together anyway.

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