Casey & Hope Holencik, Bangor CA

Our 650 person “postal designated area,” not quite in the town of Bangor, CA, is nestled in the Butte Mountain foothills. It is a very dry region but full of pretty horse country and homesteading. There are no stop lights; but we have a post office, fire department, 100-child K-8 school, feed store, and corner store. We are famous for our Mennonite bakery and fires. Our tiny but mighty church, after a time of subsisting, is really branching out and reaching the community with Christ’s love, meeting the many needs of the people due to fires, loss, and other small-town issues.


Pray for our growing relationship with the school kids and teachers, VBS this summer and other possible children’s outreach. Our CDI class is growing as well, and we are encouraged by how many genuinely want to study the Bible, especially women. There are not many community events to meet people in an organic, easy way, so we often try to strike up conversations wherever we can. Please pray for more places and opportunities to get to know those we haven’t met. We are encouraged that after being here 2 years now, the people are seeing that we care and are here to stay; they are even calling me Casey more often. We love our community here, come visit and get a fruit turnover at the bakery!

(Bangor Community Church, PO Box 217, Bangor, CA 95914)

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