Dave & Shannon Scott, Middleton, NH

Over the years one of our church members has helped the local scout troop raise funds by operating a souvenir stand at a large local event. This year she offered to give her time and expertise in running a similar stand and give the proceeds to the church. Our son, another church member and I spent two days assisting her with the stand; we were happy to help our sister worship in giving. It’s amazing how the Lord provides opportunities to stir each other up to love and good works in a Hebrews 10:25 way!

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Joanna Simpson, Benefits Specialist & Office Manager, International Service Center, Dallas, OR

As benefits specialist, she keeps track of many details and provides essential support and encouragement to Village Missionaries. We are all grateful for her!

Wayne & Marcia Taylor, Dora, PA

Bitterly cold wind and snow drifts didn’t deter many people from turning out for this rural church’s annual Wild Game Dinner.