We ❤ VM Annual Campaign's goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of December. You can play a vital role in proclaiming the gospel in the forgotten places of rural Canada.

Fred & Cindy Stromberg, Azalea, OR

Azalea is an unincorporated community of roughly 800 people in Southern Oregon. The economy has been fueled by forest products. More recently, hemp and cannabis farming have become significant. The landscape is marked with timber units at different stages of recovery and greenhouses along with some cattle, deer, and elk. Azalea has a fire department, general store, gas station, restaurant, and post office — all of which go unnoticed for most who drive by on I-5 between Grants Pass and Roseburg.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Azalea Community Church has been in this community since 1953 and has had some great moments. We believe that we are experiencing one of them presently – a long-term prayer request for children has been answered positively. The church has gone from 3-5 kids on a Sunday to around 20. Praise God!

  • We are facing the challenges of effectively ministering to these children. Please pray for workers.
  • Another word that seems to fit the moment is “update.” We have added technology and are replacing the church floor, along with other changes.
  • Please pray for continued growth in numbers and for more people who are able and willing to serve within the church.
  • We are also praying for unity (because no advance of the Gospel is without opposition).

Azalea Community Church, PO Box 274, Azalea, OR 97410   (541) 837-3325

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