Bill & Charlene Cosson, Rancho Tehama, CA

Rancho Tehama is a rural community of approximately 2,000 people in Northern California. The area is very economically challenged; 43% of the people in Rancho Tehama live under the poverty threshold, compared to 25% in Tehama County. Substance abuse and lawlessness are problems. Many people have a religious background but show little interest in church involvement. We have a monthly food giveaway program that reaches 60 to 80 households every month, and this has opened some good connections within the community.


  1. We’ve been having technical problems live-streaming our services. Please pray we can resolve this so people can view the service on their computers.
  2. Please pray for our health, strength, and stamina as we seek to do the Lord’s work.
  3. Please pray for spiritual growth for all of us in the church, and that the Lord would bring to His church those that are being saved in our area.

Rancho Tehama Community Church, PO Box 5323, 17207 Stagecoach Rd, Corning, CA 96021   tel. (530) 585-2526

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