Right or Righteous Before Our Holy God?

By Murray Graham, Executive Director

We live in a world where everybody seems to think they are right, and are willing to wave their banner, march, and even fight or destroy to be heard.  Some march peacefully others do not.  So many camps all fighting for their rights and of course a whole gamut of different opinions to do with COVID along with many other things.  So many, I can’t list them all.  Frankly, I’m tired of it all, aren’t you?  Of course, I have my own opinions on each, but I’m tired of everyone making their play to be heard.  Because everyone believes “I am right!”

Even churches are getting caught up in the fray.  “Who is right?” and “Who is wrong?”, only the Righteous One – Jesus Christ is the judge.

This Christmas and beyond, why don’t we turn our focus to the Righteous One – Jesus Christ and consider what He did.  He gave up all His rights, came to earth knowing that He would be hung on a cross for all we did wrong in the sight of God.  What the Bible calls “sin”. Philippians 2:5-8.  Why did He give up His rights?  Because of His great love He provided the gift of salvation.

With all the turmoil going on I have heard several of our missionaries say, “let’s keep the main thing, the main thing – which is Jesus Christ”.  When our focus is on Jesus Christ the Righteous One, our rights and righteousness becomes as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6), and our hearts will be full of gratitude and love.   So, this Christmas and in the new year to come let’s keep our focus on the “main thing” which is Jesus Christ our Saviour.  He gave His “all” for us!

Have a blessed Christmas as you celebrate the birthday of Jesus!

Murray Graham is the Executive Director
of Village Missions of Canada

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