Mark & Rebecca Bueckert, Ryley, AB

The Village of Ryley is in North Central Alberta, about an hour’s drive east of Edmonton. Our family celebrated 44 years with VM this November. We’ve served in this field for 15 years, seeing many changes in the culture of the community. Ryley was founded as an agricultural community, and many still work the land. But the community is now more of a commuter community and with people working in the oil patch. Locally we have a coal mine and two huge waste transfer stations that employ nearly a hundred people. Like most small communities, we face increasing struggles with crime, drugs, and poverty.


  1. Pray for our youth and kids’ ministries so that we can continue to reach our community.
  2. Pray that we would effectively reach whole families with the Gospel.
  3. Pray for young families to trust Christ and join our aging church family.

Good News Community Church, PO Box 8, Ryley, AB, T0B 4A0, CANADA. (780) 663-3664

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