Joe & Laura Letourneau, Marysville, BC

Kimberley is a small town of just over 8,000 people and was voted “BC’s Best Small Town in 2022.” Kimberley is located in the southeast corner of British Columbia, nestled in the Purcell Mountains with extraordinary views of the Kootenay Rockies. We are 20 minutes north of Cranbrook, and many commute there to work. Our main attractions are the local ski hill, biking and hiking trails, and many small lakes.


  1. Our town is growing rapidly. Pray for continued connections with people, leading to opportunities to share the Gospel, and that lives would be won for Christ.
  2. Pray that God would continue to help our board and congregation grow together spiritually through our weekly church ministries.
  3. Pray with us that the Lord would draw five new young families to our church this year.
  4. Please pray for Laura’s physical health.

Marysville Community Church, 730 302nd St, Kimberley, BC V1A 3K1, CANADA. (250) 427-7099

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