Samuel & Mercy Farag, Gorham, NY

Gorham is in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of western New York. Gorham is a large hamlet with a few local businesses, a public library, and two elementary schools. Bethel Baptist Church is surrounded by farmland.


  1. Please pray for wisdom as we start Sunday School for the kids. Pray that kids embrace Gospel-centered teachings.
  2. Please pray for our church members to grow in the love and knowledge of the Lord.
  3. Please pray for repairs for the parsonage and church.
  4. Please pray for our daughter Ava to get the support she needs at school and on the bus. Pray for our daughter Madison (who asks many theological questions) to put her faith in the Lord in His time. Pray for Madison and Ava to grow and learn this school year.

Bethel Baptist Church, PO Box 84, Gorham, NY 14461. (585) 526-5850

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