Chris & Tina Costrini, Manning, ND

Manning, a small unincorporated town of about 70 people in western North Dakota, serves as the county seat of Dunn County. We have a gas station and co-op store, a bar, one church, and the county courthouse and offices. We are surrounded by farm and ranch land. Many in the area work in the Bakken oil field, which drives much of the economy in our area.


  1. Pray for open doors. Due to the variable work in the oil fields, many people come and go from the community. Pray we might reach them when they come.
  2. We see a great need for ministry to youth. Pray for opportunities to get to know them and the possibility of a youth Bible Study.
  3. There are many small communities in our county; most have no real Gospel-preaching church in them. Pray for us to have opportunities to meet people in those various places.

Manning Community Church, 301 Wilcox St, Manning, ND 58642. (701) 573-4562

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