Levi & Sidney Hatch, Tekoa, WA

Tekoa is a historic railroad town located in the Palouse region of Washington State, along the Idaho border and about 45 miles south of Spokane. Many in the area are involved in farming and agriculture. The primary crop is wheat, though many produce garbanzo beans, lentils, canola, or timothy hay. Tekoa has about 800 residents. It is the epicenter of many communities because it has a school, bank, grocery store, coffee shops, medical clinic, and trail system.


  1. Our church is blessed to be growing. Pray that we will grow well, discipling the various ages in the church and ministering to the community.
  2. Pray also for the Word of God to continue shaping the lives of the people who attend church and as they make connections in the community.
  3. God is faithful; pray that we continue to be faithful as well.

Tekoa Community Church, PO Box 845, Tekoa, WA 99033. (509) 284-4801

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