Tommie & Karen Owen, Tensed, ID

Tensed is in Idaho’s northern panhandle. The town claims a population of 123 or 124, depending on which sign you see. Colorful fields of Timothy hay, canola, wheat, barley, and peas surround us. The rolling hills of the Palouse are to the west, and the Bitter Root Range foothills are visible to the east. Tensed Community Church is nearing its 75th anniversary and 70th year partnering with Village Missions.


  1. Pray for continued spiritual growth and church discipleship.
  2. Pray for the monthly Kids Connect and new Men’s Breakfast. Pray for new connections with young families and for the men to develop deeper relationships with each other.

Tensed Community Church, PO Box 118, Tensed, ID 83870. (208) 274-2800

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