Village Missions History

Dr. Jack & Norma Canady

Dr. Jack Canady Becomes CEO

Photo: Dr. Jack and Norma Canady Village Missions continued to move forward under the leadership of Dr. Jack Canady, who had previously served as a Village Missionary and District Representative. Dr. Jack Canady became the Assistant Director of Village Missions in 1989 and C.E.O. of Village Missions in 1991. Village Missions partnered with Ecola Bible School and …

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Work in Canada Begins

In 1968, interested Canadians asked if Village Missions would consider the spiritual needs of Canada. Village Missions gave Christine Schuman, a Youth Home Missionary, the commission to survey areas in Canada that needed our ministry. The very first Village Missions field was opened that same year in Willow River, British Columbia. This field was served …

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