JD & Katie Milton, Buskirk, NY

West Hoosick Baptist Church is located about 30 miles northeast of Albany, NY, right on the Vermont border. Our little church is often forgotten on the backroads outside of our community. Once a bustling river town with several factories, Hoosick now suffers lasting effects from those now-closed factories that dumped chemical waste into the rivers and has contaminated the water supply with harmful PFOA. The farms that dot the countryside used to be thriving chicken and dairy farms, but very few are still in working order. Some folks work for small businesses in town, but a vast majority commute to the city for work or are enjoying retirement.


1) Pray for opportunities to meet and develop relationships with the young families in our community. 2) Pray for the spiritual and physical growth of our church. 3) Pray for wisdom in when to reopen our church building, and that we would take necessary precautions to protect our elderly congregation from COVID-19.

(West Hoosick Baptist Church, 1349 Buskirk West Hoosick Road, Buskirk, NY 12028)

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