Dan & Amber Mason, Pacific City, OR

Pacific City is an Oregon Coast beach town located between Tillamook and Lincoln City. While historically Pacific City has been known for its Dory boat fishing, it has more recently become a tourist destination. The beach draws tourists from Portland, Salem, and even Seattle for a beach vacation. Most common vocations are dairy farming for the Tillamook Creamery, fish and wildlife/forestry, and of course commercial fishing.

PRAYER REQUESTS: We are seeking to serve Pacific Coast Bible Church well and to the glory of God. Please pray we would keep the Word at the center of all that we do. We are raising four kids ages 8 – 14. Please pray that we would lead them well and keep them our priority. We serve the local sheriff’s office as volunteer chaplain and assistant. Please pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with both law enforcement and community members.

(Pacific Coast Bible Church, PO Box 934, Pacific City, OR 97135 (503) 965-7222)

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