Mace & Kortney Wilder, West Paris, ME

West Paris — considered the “Gem of Western Maine” – is located on Route 26 in the foothills. A few highlights of the town are a derby hill, a baseball field, a Christian-owned hotel and restaurant, and a gemstone sifting site. Many former small businesses have been remodeled into cheaper apartments, and drug abuse is far too common. This community has a population of around 2,000 people with only one Bible-believing church — West Paris Baptist Church!

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for God’s direction, provision, protection and blessing for our church’s Family Fun Nights held every Friday in July. The gospel will be presented each night. Pray for wisdom, boldness and faith for Pastor Mace and Kortney, who are in their mid-twenties and minister to a church with an average age of 65. Pray as the church members adjust to post-Covid life and for opportunities for the church to get involved in the community.

West Paris Baptist Church, PO Box 57, West Paris, ME 04289
(207) 674-3205

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