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Robert & Stephanie Melotti, Tonto Basin, AZ

After we returned from the Village Missions Staff Conference, I (Robert) made a follow-up call to a young lady named Tandy who used to attend youth meetings years ago.  It turned out that the day I called, she was going through a very severe trial and started crying out to God.  She took my call as a direct answer to prayer and made sure to attend church the very next Sunday.  She has continued attending, and she is avidly reading her Bible and listening to good sermons we gave her.  She seems very excited about re-discovering God, and we praise the Lord for the way He can touch a heart in a single day with a simple phone call.  We are praying she continues to grow in her faith.

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Jason & Kathi Berga, New Gloucester, ME

I recently baptized three brothers. They are from Texas and were spending the summer in Maine with grandparents, believers who recently started attending our church. I met with the boys for a Bible study on salvation and baptism, with their parents’ permission. All three boys were clear on their commitment. Their grandfather and I baptized …

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Mike & Carolyn Preston, Graeagle, CA

Graeagle is a town of about 750 residents, with a large retirement population. We are surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains. It is a resort town with opportunities for golf, fishing, hiking and much more. PRAYER REQUESTS: This summer our county and surrounding counties were devastated by the Dixie Fire. Please pray for those left …

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