Dan & Cynthia Reagan, Stonyford, CA

Stonyford is located about an hour and a half northwest of Sacramento in the foothills of the Mendocino mountains. Our community is home to cattle ranches and is best known for its many OHV trails and as the home of the Stonyford Rodeo. There is one store/ gas station, a post office and a town hall. Stonyford has a few hundred residents who are either retired, work as ranchers, or commute 45+ minutes into the various population centers for work.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Join us in praising God for a tremendous season of growth through the COVID-19 season. We recently completed renovations and new construction projects that have helped us to reach several families and launch new ministries. Please pray for the growing pains that sometimes come with rapid growth and that the church would continue to strive together in unity to glorify God and make disciples. Pray for an effective summer of ministry including our sports camp and church fellowships. Please pray that the lost in our community would come to know Christ. Please pray for our effectiveness as we preach the Word and love the people of Stonyford.

Stonyford Community Church, PO Box 75, Stonyford, CA 95979
(530) 963-3072

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