Thomas & Micah Heotzler, Blodgett Mills, NY

After a large snowfall, I built a snowman in front of the church like I have in past years. While I was doing this, a young man pulled over with car troubles. While he worked on his car, we talked about faith in Christ! Before he left, I told him I was thankful God stopped him in front of the church, and he agreed.

A few days later, the church received a message from a lady on Facebook: “I just wanted to thank whoever built the snowman out front of the church. Yesterday was the 6-year anniversary of my mother’s death. It just wasn’t a good day. I drove by and saw the snowman, and it made me smile. I turned around and came back to take a picture of it. Then I stopped for a minute to breathe and reflect. That moment of peace and happiness changed my outlook for the day. Thank you.”

It’s awesome that our God uses snowmen for his glory!

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