Josh & Janice Hendrix, Greenville, CA

Greenville is in Northern California and used to be the largest town in Indian Valley. On August 4, 2021, the Dixie Fire destroyed approximately 80% of Greenville, and several other areas of the Valley were devastated by the largest wildfire in CA history. Pre-fire, Greenville had a population of approximately 1,200; now the population is estimated at 250 (with many still in transition or deciding whether to stay). Two towns in Indian Valley mostly survived the fire: Crescent Mills (pop. 150) and Taylorsville (pop. 165). Our church
lost our church building and parsonage in the fire, and we have temporarily relocated to a leased space in Crescent Mills.


  1. Please join us in giving thanks to God for His protection during the Dixie Fire (no lives lost) and His provision afterward of a space to assemble as the body of Christ.
  2. Please pray for the rebuilding process. This includes the rebuilding of a church building and the rebuilding of the congregation (half of our church permanently relocated elsewhere).
  3. Please pray for more individuals and families to be reached with the saving message of the Gospel and that God would continue to strengthen and build His church here in Indian Valley.
  4. Please pray for the encouragement of our current church members and for endurance during this time of upheaval and adjusting to life post-fire.

Indian Valley Christian Fellowship, PO Box 64, Crescent Mills, CA 95934  (541) 580-9039

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