Chip & Laura Farnsworth, Moline, KS

Moline is located in the southeastern Flint Hills of Kansas. Our town is known for the oldest swinging bridge in Kansas; it was on the Cherokee Trail from Arkansas to the West Coast. Many families struggle financially: 55% of the children in Moline live below the poverty line.


  1. Pray for our children’s ministries here. Praise the Lord that our Kids for Christ program resumed on March 2nd, and 10 children came.
  2. Pray for our Vacation Bible School held May 31st – June 4th. Our daughter, Kristy, will come to help us with it.
  3. Pray for our oldest daughter, Molly, as she will get married on May 29th.
  4. Pray for the young adults and families in our area to truly commit themselves to the Lord and the church.

First Baptist Church, PO Box 145, Moline, KS 67353 (620) 647-8147

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