Ron & Lynette Larsen, Atlanta, MI

Atlanta is a community of about 700 people. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. The town is known as the Elk Capital of Michigan. The local economy is difficult, and many families struggle financially.

For our family:

  1. Pray for good health and wisdom for Ron as he leads our church and family.
  2. Peace and blessing in our home with good communication.
  3. God’s direction for our sons in ministry alongside us, and for their careers to be established according to God’s will. We are especially praying for good friends for them here.
  4. God’s direction for our daughters, who are in school and involved in sports. May they have good friends here and have a heart for the Lord.
  5. May God help our family be a light for Him, and may He give us perseverance and unity.

For our church:

  1. Pray for lasting spiritual growth in the church family. Pray that we would engage in the ministries God wants so that people are established in the Faith.
  2. May God help us connect with people of all ages in the community, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s, and may many souls be saved!
  3. May God raise up leaders in our church and give them a unified spirit in Christ.

Atlanta Bible Church, PO Box 182, Atlanta, MI 49709 (989) 785-2088

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