Joe & Ana Levesque, Elk Creek, CA

Elk Creek is nineteen miles west of Willows, CA, and sits at the eastern base of the Mendocino National Forest. As you drive in, you will cross a picturesque bridge across Elk Creek, fed by Stony Gorge Reservoir just south of town. Our town, a little foothill community, is raided nightly by mule deer, raccoons, wild pigs, and an occasional black bear. Stop by Nancy’s Elkhorn Family Lodge and try “The Preach,” a menu item named after Joe.
Prayer Requests:
  1. Praise the Lord for providing a new van for our family.
  2. Pray for the AWANA group to grow this coming fall.
  3. Pray for our Saturday morning men’s group to grow and that these men would grow spiritually strong.
  4. Pray for the church to have a stronger outreach to the community.
  5. Please join us in praying for rain.

Elk Creek Community Bible Church, PO Box 203, Elk Creek, CA 95939 (530)-968-5185

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