Dave & Shannon Scott, Middleton, NH

Our ministry area is less than 4 miles from a busy highway connecting the Boston area to the scenic White Mountains, but the folks who live in the city and vacation in the mountains seem a world away. The majority of the 1,800 residents of our town live in dense woods in two disconnected neighborhoods set around a small lake. The only evidence of our town seen from the main road is a few municipal buildings, our church, a lumberyard, and the local PreK-6 school.


  1. Please pray with our family and the 25 souls who attend church regularly with us that the Lord would use the outreach efforts and public services of Middleton Gospel Chapel as well as our individual lives to honor Him and encourage each other.
  2. This area of New England is both physically beautiful and spiritually dark, with very few who show interest in Jesus Christ. We have come to think of the people here as “formerly reached” as this area has a rich Christian history but little spiritual life now. Please pray that His church in Middleton would shine brightly in the dark. Ask God to provide many opportunities to open doors and hearts to the Gospel and to make our church an effective witness to our lost neighbors so they can be saved and know Jesus Christ.

Middleton Gospel Chapel, PO Box 37, Middleton, NH  03887 (603) 473-7042

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