Fred & Cinda Tribble, Endicott, WA

Endicott is located in the Palouse region of eastern Washington state along the Idaho border. The primary activity is wheat farming. Endicott has a population of 300 and struggles economically.


  1. Ask the Lord to save the people of Endicott and to give us boldness and the opportunity to preach the Gospel to those who don’t know Jesus as Savior.
  2. Ask the Lord to give us continued strength to serve the church and the community.
  3. Pray for the sanctification of the church and the holiness of believers.
  4. Pray for increased application of the Word in their lives so that they may be strong in the Lord.

Endicott Bible Church, PO Box 148, Endicott, WA  99125  (509) 657-3918

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