Perfectly Ordered

A ministry internship can be a vital part of determining a path towards serving God. This bulletin insert, available to you as a free resource, gives an example of this process. To download, click the icon at left.

After graduating from Bible college, I felt underqualified to jump straight into a church or teaching position. I searched for a ministry internship, but no doors opened. I was becoming tired and discouraged. I had a family to support, so I found a job with a small concrete company. One day, as I was driving home from work, I received a call from Village Missions District Representative, Henry Vandermeer. When he introduced himself, I knew right away that my wife and I were going to be with Village Missions.

Back to the Beginning

I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. The town had about 400 residents and was a fairly close-knit community. I left to attend college, where I met my wife, Melanie.

We lived in the city of Saskatoon for about eight years, but we wanted to raise our children in a small town. Sensing a call to teach the Bible, I returned to Millar College of the Bible to finish my degree. Then things didn’t work out the way I expected.
God hadn’t forgotten about us, though. My uncle and aunt, who have served with Village Missions for over 40 years, heard that we were having trouble finding our next step. They asked Henry to call me.

We Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Through Village Missions, we were placed at Grace Community Church in Maidstone, Saskatchewan in 2016. We absolutely love the church. We’re raising our two daughters in a small town, just like we wanted. I serve on the volunteer fire department and coach and referee high school sports. Melanie runs a day care. We wouldn’t change anything.

God ordered everything perfectly. He cares so deeply for us that he’s willing to close doors and put us in the dark just so that he can show us his love.

Are You Called to a Ministry Internship?

Maybe you know a young person that is currently seeking God’s direction. Would you introduce them to Village Missions and the possibility of serving God in small towns across the United States and Canada?

Village Missions has an excellent internship program that will help them gain hands-on experience under the care of a mentor.

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Alex and Melanie joined Village Missions in 2015 and have served in Maidstone, SK since 2016. Maidstone is located in western Saskatchewan.

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